A’Lelia presents the Constitution Day keynote at Rutgers University’s Eagleton Institute of Politics “To Form a More Perfect Union: Combatting the Politics of Fear and Anger.” September 20, 2018


A’Lelia joins Congressman James Clyburn, Howard professor Edna Greene Medford and Yale professor David Blight to discuss “The Emancipation Proclamation and the End of Slavery.” March 19, 2018 at the National Archives


A’Lelia joins Sarah Bryner, Joan Marie Johnson and moderator Page Harrington to discuss “Women’s Suffrage and the Vote: Funding Feminism” March 15, 2018 at the National Archives


A’Lelia interviews African American Folktales authors Henry Louis Gates and Maria Tatar Jan 10, 2018 at the National Archives (begins at 9:00)


Tribute to Gwen Ifill at Radcliffe Day May 26, 2017 (Begins at 41:50)


The Beyond Sixty Project


A’Lelia talks about On Her Own Ground at Detroit’s Charles Wright Museum January 27, 2001

2018 March on Washington Film Festival Highlights 

A’Lelia talks with Carol Jenkins about the NMAAHC (Begins at 34:00)

A’Lelia speaks with WISH-TV’s Annessa Chumbley about All About Madam C. J. Walker (February 2017)


A’Lelia visits Middle Tennessee State University for Women’s History Month (March 2017)

Madam C. J. Walker Stephens, Inc Video (taped December 2015)



A'Lelia Bundles with Ericka Flye, WRTV, in Indianapolis at the Madam Walker Theatre Center on February 23, 2017

A’Lelia talks with WRTV’s Ericka Flye in Indianapolis (February 2017)


A’Lelia talks about contributions from the Madam Walker Family Archives to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture on WUSA (CBS Newspath) Sept 23, 2016

The Beyond Sixty Project

NMAAHC Documentary (Check out our Madam Walker segment at 34:20) November 2016

Columbia Alumni Association “The Power of a Professor” November 2016

Columbia Alumni Association “Columbia’s Diverse Faculty” November 2016

Columbia Alumni Association “The Standards of Journalism Endure” November 2016

A’Lelia on Washington Post Video NMAAHC Opening Sept 14, 2016

A’Lelia on WJLA Good Morning America NMAAHC Opening Sept 23, 2016

CBS Morning News NMAAHC Opening Sept 24, 2016

Syracuse Journalism student Flourish Chukwurah interviews A’Lelia about her contributions to the NMAAHC  August 2016


A’Lelia talks about the importance of knowing our genealogy and our history May 2015 on DC Cable


A’Lelia moderates March on Washington Film Festival panel with Pulitzer Prize winning authors July 2015


A clip from Afrika Bell Kathuria’s in-progress documentary about A’Lelia and the writing of her book, Joy Goddess February 2015

A five minute excerpt from A’Lelia’s Schomburg Center presentation about A’Lelia Walker March 26, 2014

A’Lelia talks about the impact of Rosa Parks on the 60th anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott


A’Lelia talks with Khamit Kinks founder Anu Prestonia about her A’Lelia Walker research April 2015


A’Lelia’s NPR interview with Susan Stamberg June 29, 2004

A’Lelia talks with Percorso founder Deb Owens for a Huffington Post Jam Session March 29, 2015

A’Lelia Bundles talks with Deb Owens about success, journalism, Madam Walker and more March 2015.

A’Lelia Bundles at U. S. Department of Treasury February 16, 2012

A’Lelia interviews Nichelle Gainer at the Schomburg Center January 20, 2015

A‘Lelia’s interview on PBS’s “To the Contrary” (Segment begins at 16:00) September 19, 2014

A’Lelia MCs the 88th Annual ASALH Black History Month Luncheon February 22, 2014

A’Lelia introduces Ronald Stroman at the 88th Annual ASALH Black History Month Luncheon February 22, 2014

A’Lelia introduces video of President Obama at the 88th Annual ASALH Black History Month Luncehon Feb 22, 2014

A’Lelia Bundles talks about Madam Walker’s political activism on Jan 20, 2013

A’Lelia Bundles talks about Madam Walker’s early life and her business on Jan 20, 2013

A’Lelia Bundles talks about how Madam Walker developed her business model on

A’Lelia Bundles delivers Emancipation Proclamation 150th Remarks and reads President Obama’s Proclamation at the National Archives (Jan 1, 2013)

A’Lelia Bundles delivers Fourth of July keynote address at the National Archives (July 4, 2012)

A’Lelia Bundles at the National Archives discusses her Madam Walker research (February 2011)

A’Lelia Bundles emcees Columbia Journalism School’s Centennial Program (April 2012)

A’Lelia Bundles delivers “Great Lives” keynote at University of Mary Washington (April 2012)

A’Lelia Bundles in “100 Years of Women Journalists” by Julie Percha and Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani (May 2012)

A’Lelia Bundles speaks with filmmaker and MacArthur Fellow Stanley Nelson about Madam Walker’s philanthropy & political activism (September 2011)

A’Lelia Bundles speaks about Walker and family legacy in Jerusalem  (October 2009)

A’Lelia Bundles on KDKA Pittsburgh (October 11, 2011)

A’Lelia Bundles with U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis (February 2010)

A’Lelia Bundles on Citizen Tag Channel Speaking about Madam Walker

A’Lelia Bundles on WISH-TV’s “Indy Style” speaking about the Walker Theatre Center (October 14, 2011)

A’Lelia Bundles on CEO TV with Michael E. Parker (July 2011)

A’Lelia Bundles MC’s Columbia University Alumni Forum in Washington, DC Part 1 (April 2011)

A’Lelia Bundles MC’s Columbia University Alumni Forum in Washington, DC Part 2 (April 2011)

A’Lelia Bundles MC’s Columbia University Alumni Forum in Washington, DC Part 3 (April 2011)

A’Lelia Bundles at the Bay Area National Coalition of 100 Black Women’s annual Madam Walker luncheon (March 2011)

SunKissed Girlz Interviews A’Lelia Bundles (2010)

Guardians of the Civil Rights Legacy”/University of Rochester on C-Span(October 2005)

A’Lelia Bundles with Adam Clayton Powell III and other descendants of accomplished African Americans

“Life as We Write It”/Virginia Festival of the Book (March 2002)     A’Lelia Bundles with other biographers discussing their books.

A’Lelia Bundles discusses her book, On Her Own Ground, on C-Span (January 2001)

“A Conversation Among Great African Americans”/Harvard Law School (April 2000)  Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree invited A’Lelia Bundles, Anita Hill, Jill Nelson, Henry Louis Gates, Cornel West, Randall Kennedy, Evelyn Higginbotham and others to portray their favorite historical figure.

A’Lelia Bundles in HGTV’s “Design for History: Villa Lewaro” (February 1999)

A’Lelia Bundles moderates a conversation with Henry Louis Gates and Cornel West/C-Span (April 1996)

Madam Walker/Jacksonville, FL Black History Month Video



HGTV Villa Lewaro Video (February 1999)


A’Lelia talks about Madam Walker’s life on Our American Stories (January 16, 2019) MP3 Link (Begins at 8:30)

A’Lelia talks with L. Michelle Smith, host of Culture Soup (January 3, 2019)

A’Lelia Talks with Kate Peterson, co-host of The Rest Is History Podcast (August 10, 2018)

A’Lelia Talks with Shanna Crumley/Columbia Alumni Association about her career as a writer (August 2017)

A’Lelia Talks with BBC’s Karen Gabay about A’Lelia Walker and Madam Walker (March 12, 2017)

A’Lelia talks with NPR’s Susan Stamberg (June 2004)

Aja Yasir, host of Glamour and Brains, interviews A’Lelia about Madam Walker (September 1, 2015)

Karen Gabay, host of BBC’s The People, interviews A’Lelia about Maya Angelou  (June 1, 2014)

Bernice Bennett, host of Research at the National Archives and Beyond, interviews A’Lelia on BTR (Nov 29, 2012)

Adriane Harden, host of Fight for Truth, interviews A’Lelia at WXAG in Atlanta, GA (Sept 14, 2012)

Liz Humes, Host of Wordy Birds, interviews A’Lelia at WRIR in Fredericksburg, VA (April 27, 2012)

IU Professor Carolyn Calloway-Thomas interviews A’Lelia at WFIU in Bloomington, IN (March 9, 2012)

NYU Professor Michael Dinwiddie interviews A’Lelia about Madam Walker and A’Lelia Walker on “The Gist of Freedom” Radio (November 6, 2011)

WNSR (New School Radio)’s Roy Paul interviews A’Lelia (November 2011)

Coach Deb Bailey interviews A’Lelia on “The Secrets of Success/Women Entrepreneurs” Radio (Sept 28, 2011)

 A’Lelia Bundles discussed the importance of mentors and networking with Ann marie Houghtailing, founder of Millionaire Girls Movement (August 2011)

A’Lelia discusses family history and family heroes with Chris Askew of Unwrapped Radio-Part I (June 2011)


Our Madam C. J. Walker Beauty Culture Christmas Greeting